What is Reconfigure, When it’s at Home?

Reconfigure is an events platform organised by artist/life model madame Topaz Pauls, in collaboration with Edinburgh's loveliest and most inspiring models, performers, and artists of all kinds.

Reconfigure puts the creative control in the hands of the life models. Each session is centred around a theme; curated around the model’s unique physicality, skills, or a concept we wish to explore. Each is designed to present a fresh challenge - a style or direction in which to push your drawing. Most sessions are untutored, but help is always available. There’s an eclectic playlist, or sometimes live music, to match the mood of the theme, and ease you into the zone as you draw. And if you need a little extra help loosening up, you can bring a bevvy in from the bar.

You can find us on Wednesdays at Summerhall. Doors are from 6.30, drawing starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm. We sell out most weeks - you can nab yourselves tickets here. We sometimes host extra tutored sessions, workshops, and events around town. These are all listed in the events, and you can keep up via the usual social media channels.

Looking forward to welcoming you to a nude situation soon,
Topaz and co xx